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5 Questions To Ask Before Hip Surgery 

5 Questions To Ask Before Hip Surgery 

Hip surgery has become the go-to procedure for many suffering from hip joint pain or other relevant issues in Australia. Though the very procedure or replacement process is a complex and difficult task that’s why preparing for it beforehand turns out to be very daunting. Henceforth, one must be fully prepared mentally, emotionally and physically before committing to the surgery in order to get through it in flying colors. The key to a successful treatment of the major hip issues lies into finding the right surgeon for the job at hand. There are many orthopedics, hip specialists or surgeons available across Australia but finding the one who would not only treat you but consult you as well is a must have. Therefore, you need to go through a minute research form the very start to find such surgeon in your vicinity in Australia. Once done, the next thing up is ensuring that he or she is the right choice for you who knows your mental & physical condition well enough to handle you before, during and after the procedure. Considering this, below are given a list of key questions that one must ask from his or her hip surgery specialist beforehand, such as:

Is your Surgeon Attentive Enough Towards Your Questions?

The first thing to note and observe is how attentive your periacetabular osteotomy surgeons are towards shunning off any kind of ambiguity, doubts or fears you have about the procedure, no matter how mundane, childlike or illogical those questions may sound, he or she must satisfy you with an answer. If you cannot communicate openly with a surgeon who is going to operate a critical part of your body then it is better to find someone else with whom you could pour your heart out about the subject matter.

He Or She Specializes In Which Approach To Perform Hip Surgery?

Hip surgery Australia is generally being performed by following the posterior approach however many newer approaches have been set in to place considering the advancement in time and technology. Anterior approach has been gaining popularity among the concerned because it involves smaller and lesser incisions as compared to other approaches but at the same time, requires more skills from the surgeon, in the first place. Considering this, never be hesitant in asking your specialist about the approach he or she has most experienced with, how many operations it has done by following that approach and what has been its success or complication rate?

What should you expect after the Surgery?

Your hip surgery specialist Australia must be able to have a clear image of all the possibilities which could take place once surgery has been done. Despite his or her being thoroughly experienced, it is important to know what would happen after the treatment with a patient of your profile, he or she must be having a precedence. Generally, the results of hip surgery turn out to be good for the majority of the cases.

Ask About The Prosthetic Material & Its Adherence To The Bone?

The socket and ball of the hip replacement procedure could be of metal, plastic, ceramic or a combination. It is up to the periacetabular osteotomy surgeons who are dealing with your case. The prosthetic part is joined with the bones by using cemented or cementless techniques; again, it is up to the surgeon that what would he or she recommend by considering the uniqueness of your case.

Risk Factors Or Complications (if Any); My Chances of Getting Them?

You must ask your hip surgery specialist in Australia about the possible aftermaths in the form of risk which could occur in your case. Though nothing happens mostly, however, people with diabetes or heart disease beforehand could suffer an additional bullet. Hence, it is always to ask from the doctor beforehand to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

These are the key questions which would give you a good idea if you should go with the hip replacement surgeon Australia or someone else. It is very important to have someone on board who deals with you through a patient-centric approach and not for the mere fame or money. Hence, never hesitate to clear your mind whenever there pops up a relevant question.

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