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Capture The Beauty Of Your Pregnancy For Years To Come! 

Capture The Beauty Of Your Pregnancy For Years To Come! 

Whether we have already gone down the road to motherhood, or are on our first journey, or even if we’re just thinking about it for now, we know that this journey is one of the most important, memorable and transformational of them all. From the moment that we learn that we’re now pregnant, every day along the journey is made doubly special. Despite any ups and downs and any bumps on the road, mothers always look back upon their pregnancy days with rose-tinted sunglasses. One of the bumps faced by expectant mothers is often that feeling of heaviness, and that unavoidable weight gain. So, it’s only natural that while going through pregnancy a lot of women become camera-shy. This often leads to one of our most beautiful journeys going largely undocumented. After it is all over we have little to no photographs showing us and our journey along this road. It is only too often that now-mothers look back with regret as they have nothing to remember their pregnancy days by apart from perhaps a hastily taken last minute photo, and some memories. Here are three reasons why a maternity photo shoot can be such an essential part of pregnancy.  

  1. When expectant mothers first learn that they are pregnant, it’s only a whirlwind from there on forth. New mothers can find the process extremely fast-paced and daunting as there’s just so much to prepare for and experienced mothers, while still having a somewhat firmer grip can still be taken away with all the excitement. With all of these changes going on, perhaps the most important and most overlooked change is the physical change itself. The baby bump grows daily and every change in it marks significant growth of our child. Every mother-to-be has shared a myriad of beautiful moments with her baby bump, cherishing the life growing inside of her. So, it just doesn’t make sense not to have a photo shoot capturing just the emotional attachment and love that a mother feels for her child even before it is born. Maternity photography can do just that – capture the love and the beautiful connection between a mother and her child.
  2. We have all heard the talk of just how beautiful the experience of pregnancy is, and how every change in our body should be cherished, as it marks a beautiful, special period in our life. However, despite all this, and despite pregnancy really being a beautiful experience, there are just some moments that we may not feel our best. Expectant mothers can often be feeling down because of all the physical changes, and looking drastically different than they used to. Maternity photography can be just what we need to fully embrace and love our body and can make us feel truly beautiful. Siobhan Wolff is an acclaimed maternity and newborn photographer based in Melbourne and with her collection of beautiful gowns and silks, coupled with great skill, she claims to not only capture the beauty of your pregnancy but also your own beauty.  
  3. Every family cherishes its photo albums. From the day the baby is born, to the first step, the first day of school and everything along the way that is experienced by the family is documented concisely in a photo album. A trip down memory lane can be the best family bonding experience and an essential addition to this collection can be maternity photography Melbourne. Maternity shoots can allow the children to look back to the time when they weren’t even in this world, yet experience the love that their parents had for them from the very beginning. Maternity shoots can incorporate anything that we may want, so we can even have shots with the siblings to make it really a family experience.  

Whether you are a new mother feeling a little uneasy with your new pregnancy body, who quite literally needs to see herself through a new lens, or if you are just looking to document one of the most monumental periods of your life, Siobhan Wolff has you covered. Her photography can leave you looking gorgeous while capturing the very intimate connection between you and your child. 

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