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Making The Most of Your Wedding Arch 

Making The Most of Your Wedding Arch 

The wedding day is the most special day for any bride as it is an occasion that every girl has thought about before it actually happens. Everything has to be perfect on that day as all eyes are going to be on you only while everything else would just complement the overall theme and your look, therefore, decor carries importance in its own way. It is imperative that the decor of the big day complement your complete theme and your perception about a perfect wedding day. When there comes a decor then no one can deny the importance of wedding arbors, columns or arches as they add the perfectness to the essence of one’s big day. So while you are all up thinking about all the teensy weensy details of the event you must also pay attention to the kind of wedding arch that you would want to have at the event along with the decor options which would enhance the overall look of those columns.

There are many wedding accessories, props and equipment suppliers across Australia, Kylie Louise Events have been doing a great job in this regard due to the vast experience they have as well as due to the diversely qualified team of professionals in the relevant field which has made them not only keeping up with people’s expectation but in fact, surpassing them. There are different ways in which one can decide upon the kind of wedding arch that one wants, considering this, below are given a few of the most popular types that one can consider to make the most of its event, such as:

Infinity Arch 

This type of arch is very minimalistic yet can be used in a grand way. It looks fairly decent and compact, you can cover it one to all with floral and greenery arrangement to make it look thoroughly lush and whimsical. However, you have to inform the wedding arch hire Hunter Valley regarding the outlook that you want to achieve so they could pull it off as per the theme. You can make it look simple as well by cascading flowers on one side of the arch while the remaining part of it stays exposed. It is up to you!

Draped Arch 

It is another type of arch which is in quite a demand among the Aussies, you can play as you like with these wedding arches Australia. You can accentuate the flowers effect on a white background, making the colours look pop-out of the scene. You can also customise it as you like be it about the size, drape pattern, drape colour, flower arrangements, and the height.


Arbours can never go out of style especially when it comes to outdoor wedding arrangements. It is quite easier to place arbors and the respective wedding floral arrangement to perfectly compliment the look. Another good thing about arbors is you can get as wild and creative with the personalisation and customisation of the arch decor as you want. There is plenty of space to play over there. You can use flowers arrangement to create even statement pieces.

Sweetheart Wooden Arch 

You can create these arches by taking aboard a professional wedding arch hire Hunter Valley service. All you need is a wooden base covered with floral arrangements and foliage. You can then add the pop of colours by including the contrasting pastel colour flowers. At both extremes, geometric accents can be added to give it a modern touch. The base should be of wooden and white brick to give it an elegant and dapper look.

Time Less Ivy Arch 

You can also use a simple wooden frame and adorn it by draping chiffon or organza based cloth to give it a lively, airy and soft look. It can further be accentuated by adding ivy of contrasting colours around it to put some colours on the white canvas, add more flowers at the top corners to hold the drape together and also, to give it a softer look. You can also use different kinds of greenery touches and floral arrangement at extreme ends of both columns to exude elegance out of it. This works fairly nice in the outdoors.

The wedding day is a special occasion, therefore, one must hire professionals for pulling off all the arrangements by using their expertise and by guiding the client in the best way.

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