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Quit Smoking The Fun Way! 

Quit Smoking The Fun Way! 

Everyone remembers the time when cigarettes were all the rage. In the 80’s and the 90’s, having a cigarette dangling from our lips was the ultimate chic, and this rocker image was one that every single one of us aspired for. No matter what the age, everyone could be seen with a cigarette in hand, whether it was in the streets, at school, or just about anywhere else. Still, as it is with everything that has a high period, cigarettes too eventually had their low. First of all, everyone finally must have realised that cigarettes really don’t taste that great. All the appeal surrounding cigarettes is based mostly around how they look, and the image they create, along with peer pressure. Most first time smokers are actually really put off by the smoke and the taste of the tobacco, and first timers usually end up coughing their lungs out, along with being left with a bitter and annoying aftertaste. The addiction to cigarettes thus has really nothing to do with the taste or the actual experience of it, but rather is based partly around the image that it creates, and partly around the eventual addiction to nicotine that keeps smokers scrambling for their cigarettes al through the day, at the cost of their health.

The health risks that come as a result of smoking are known by probably every person on planet earth. Smoking is widely known to come at great risks, as cigarette smoke can contain up to 4000 different harmful chemicals, alongside carcinogens. Smokers are so much more likely to develop lung cancer as opposed to non smokers, and are also at a risk of having a much lower life span. In addition to this, smokers can suffer from bad breath, stained teeth and a crippling addiction which can be troubling not just for themselves, but for the people that they are around as well. Not only can this addiction have psychological effects, but passive smoking can mean that smokers end up putting at risk the lives of the people they love most too. Still, even as they know all this, smokers can find themselves unable to quit due to the crippling addiction to nicotine.

While it can seem that there is no way out of it, vaping has become the new uber chic alternative to smoking, without any of the old risks. This can be the chic new way to get rid of your crippling addiction, in the most fun way possible! Vapes include no nicotine, so they aren’t ever addictive, and they come with much less risk of developing other health complications as well. Old smokers can initially opt for vape juice Australia with nicotine, and can slowly keep decreasing the dosage. This can be so much easier than quitting cigarettes altogether, and can have much more successful rates of people actually ending up killing their addiction, as the slow progression can be easier to deal with. As we keep decreasing our nicotine dosage, we can also be removing all the other 4000 and more harmful chemicals which were once a part of our daily smoking routine. Vaping Australia can be free of any damaging chemicals, which makes it safe for us and the people around us.

Vape juice Australia is probably one of the best things about vaping. This juice really is what makes vaping so much fun, as it can come in a whole range of flavors, which can make smoking a whole experience. The juices don’t just come in basic flavors such as vanilla or caramel, but can actually come in the most innovative flavors, such as fruity flavors, desserts without the calories, or chocolatey decadence in all its might.

If you’re looking for the wildest vape juice flavors out there, look no further than Juice Cartel. At Juice Cartel, you can order all your vape liquids from the comfort of your home, and can rest assured about their quality. This can be your one stop shop for vape liquids from Malaysia, New Zealand, USA and homemade Australian juices as well! These juices can be your easiest way to combat your smoking addiction, all the while having fun testing out a wide range of new flavors to always keep things exciting!

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