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Things to know about pipe couplings and swing check valves

Things to know about pipe couplings and swing check valves

What is a pipe coupling? 

The device which is used to connect the ends of more than 2 or even 2 pipes to ensure the uninterrupted flow of material that is flowing within the pipes that is uncontrollable to some extent is known as pipe couplings in Melbourne. The preferred material that is used is the matching material of pipe. 

How pipes are fitted with pipe coupling? 

When pipe couplings are desired to be installed, the pipes are cut into desirable shapes and sizes. Pipes are of different sizes, shapes and dimension, they need to be cut properly in order to fit the pipe coupling properly. Integrity of the pipe must be kept in mind while connecting two or more pipes with the pipe coupling. 

Removable of permanent couplings: 

There are two types of pipe coupling; removable and permanent. Removable pipe coupling is like a thread which is often screwed to the pipes to be joined. On the other hand, to assure the rigidity and excellency of the operation, permanent couplings are installed. If these devices are installed properly, they offer a reliable joint where there can be no further changes in the pipe. Permanent couplings are fitted permanently. They are irremovable and they cannot be detached. For the attachment of such couplings in pipes of material PVC, copper and steel, soldering and brazing is done. Permanent pipe couplings are very durable if they are fitted in a proper way, but the changes and joints are permanent and are irreversible.

Major applications of pipe couplings: 

Pipe couplings are used in several fields, some of them are discussed below. 

  1. Marine systems 
  2. Application in control rods 
  3. HVAC applications 
  4. Many construction industries 
  5. Refineries 
  6. Cement industry and factories 
  7. Air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems 
  8. Plants of pulp and paper processing 
  9. Pollution control  
  10. Sewage treatment plants 
  11. Chemical processing plants 

Basic desirable features: 

There are some features that are more desirable in the application of pipe couplings. Some of them are listed below 

  1. As the pipe couplings hold the pipes together, so for the durability and strength of the joint it must be strong, flexible and watertight. 
  2. Oxidation of metallic bodies often occur. These pipe couplings must be made in such a way that they must be corrosion-free material to give strength to the connection and durability. 
  3. The most important thing that must be kept in notice is the durability of pipe coupling. They must be observed under pressure, it must not crack under pressure. To ensure this, good quality of material in the manufacturing of pipe coupling is required. 

Swing check valves: 

What is a check valve? 

This is a device that is designed to pass the flow of material in a pipe in one direction by minimizing the resistance. They prevent backward or reverse flow of material with minimum chances of leakage.  

Working of a swing check valve: 

In swing check valves, the disc is free handed when it reached the fully opened position or at the fully closed position. Their application can be varied by the discs and seat designs. They are available to satisfy the need of numerous applications. 

Application consideration: 

In the function of a swing check valve, force of gravity plays an important role. The orientation and location of the swing check valve is important as it effects the efficiency of the procedure if not fitted properly. The most important thing that must not be ignored while placing a swing check valve is its position, it must be located in such a way that its disc must be closed freely and positively by the force of gravity. When the flow of the material is suspected to be low, the application of swing check valve in Australia is not recommended. In slow flow of material, the swing disc continues to flap against the seat, resulting in consistent damage of valves, which can sometimes cause the swing to get loose.


These valves are automatically-activated, thus no external activation is required which makes these valves quick and fast in action. 

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