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Tiles for every room of the house

Tiles for every room of the house

Buying a house is an expensive investment and takes many years of saving to get to a point where you are able to afford one. Although houses that are predesigned with all the fittings covered may be very time saving but they will lack your choice in many matters and you will find yourself compromising at some points you continue to live in it. For example, the kitchen tiles based in Sydney may not be to your liking in the pre designed house or you may not like the paint job in your dining room. However, all this can be solved if you are involved in the designing of your own house and start building it from scratch if you have the time and money to do so. The first thing that you do is buy land in a neighborhood that you like and then hire an architect or a builder that will handle your project for you but will also include your opinion and desires in everything as well. Perhaps the most important part in the designing of your house after the construction phase is done, is the flooring if the house as that is the main part of the house that will be used all day every day and face the brunt of the foot traffic in the house. This is why it is important to not only get good quality flooring but also the right type of flooring in every room, for example decorative floor tiles while look great in the foyer or entrance of the house but when used as kitchen tiles, they may not look the same after a couple of years. The floor is literally the first thing that a person will step on when they enter your house and it can subconsciously affect the impression of the house. It affects the mood and style of each room and you have to decide between light and dark tones to compliment the style of each room.  It impacts the functionality of each room and while it is ideal to wake up in the morning and step on a soft carpet, they will be of no use in the kitchen as they will get dirty very easily. Their flooring also decides the amount of time you will spend cleaning each room and it is better to choose tiles in the rooms that are used a lot as they are easy to clean and maintain especially if you have small children. 

Types of tiles to choose from… 

While there are many types of flooring to choose wooden floors to carpet and stone to vinyl, the most common and widely used option is tiles as they last for a long time and are also really easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are great for any room including the bathroom, bedroom and even as kitchen tiles as they are very easy to install and come in a lot of different styles. They are also relatively inexpensive and will look great especially if you are on a budget. Porcelain tiles are different from ceramics in the sense that the can mimic different materials such as brickstone and wood and come without any of the maintenance related to those types of floors.  Mosaic tiles are also a popular type of decorative floor tile as they give you a chance to become creative since they are available in so many colors, shapes, sizes and styles. They are mostly used on walls to give a bit of texture and style but can also be used on the floor but can look dated if you put the mosaic tiles in a room that is used frequently. Marble tiles are also a great buy and although they are expensive, they add elegance and sophistication to the room that they are installed in. They are great to use in those room that are less frequently used such as the guest bedroom or as bathroom tiles for the guest bath. Tiles can be placed in any and every room of the house and are less likely to collect dirt as compared to other types of floors. You will find that they are much less time consuming to clean and with a simple mop and broom, your chore will be done. From decorative floor tile to vinyl and resin ones, the options are endless.  

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