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What is scaffolding and rigging courses?

What is scaffolding and rigging courses?

People who have to perform a certain task related to building construction must know the task. Hence, the scaffolding task is performed at some level and the person should have its skill. People who work as a manager, supervisors, and the in-charge of place where the rigging and scaffolding task is performing know details of it. Hence, the basic scaffolding course in Sydney and other intermediate rigging courses are available for guidance. 

What is scaffolding? 

Basic scaffolding course includes the changing of things in the workplace. It includes putting the things up or down at the temporary place that is essential for the work. Moreover, it is the place where there are chances of falling at a height of four meters. 

What is rigger? 

A person who has the skills and knowledge to handle or move the load from place to place. Hence, all the skills are developed in the intermediate rigging course. In this course, the person is awarded a certificate. Hence, the certification depends on the training, skills, and all the abilities developed during the course. 

Who is known as the rigger? 

The person who has the skills and is qualified in trading and crafting will be known as a rigger. The person with the intermediate rigging course in Sydney is given the following titles. 

  • Ironworker 
  • Electrician 
  • Carpenter 
  • Millwright 
  • Mechanic 
  • Labourer 
  • Mason 
  • Longshoreman 
  • Lineman 
  • Pipefitter 
  • Boilermaker  

Well, these are few titles that are given to the person with the skills and training. 

Which work is included in the basic scaffolding? 

Well, the basic work that a basic scaffolding course includes are listed below: 

  • Modular. 
  • Working with the maximum load like 500 kg. 
  • Working with ropes. 
  • Gin wheel maintenance. 
  • Install the safety net.  
  • Make the static lines. 
  • Basic bracket scaffolds. 

Which things are taught in the rigging course? 

Many people ask that which things will be taught in the intermediate rigging course. Hence, here we have a list of things that you can cover in the course. 

  • Inspection of different things.  
  • Knowledge about specific things to be used during the work. 
  • How to set up the workplace. 
  • Structure demolition. 
  • Climbing the height, yourself or with the help of jibs. 
  • Tilt slabs. 
  • Dual lift. 
  • Set up types of machinery like cranes, excavators, and other machines involved during work. 

What are the requirements? 

Well, for the related course person must fulfil some requirements. For intermediate rigging course following are some of the requirements: 

  • The candidate must have the license. 
  • The age of the candidate must be above 18 years or equal to. 
  • ID must be available as a current driving license. 
  • Knows numeracy skills. 
  • Have Basic English language knowledge. 
  • Literacy skills are also required. 

These were the requirements of the intermediate rigging course. On the other hand, a basic scaffolding course includes the following requirements: 

  • The license will be grant to a person whose age is 18 or above. 
  • Students during the course must wear the necessary equipment like steel boots, long pants and sleeves, and along with it a hard cap. Gloves and glasses are also included in the safety suit. 
  • A student with a basic knowledge of English will be preferred.  
  • Some important things are required when applying for the course may include. Photo ID, Medi-care cards, financial debit or credit card, birth certificate, and any current license. 
  • USI number is required. 

Hence, these were few things that are required to complete your respective course. If you do not have these things, then you may be eligible for the course. 

What is the basic difference between the basic and intermediate rigging? 

You must know the difference between them both. This will help you to adopt the proper course. Hence, the Basic rigging includes covering the erection steel, setting the hoist, and other things. On the other hand, the intermediate rigging course includes all the skills to become the best rigger. So, we can say that intermediate rigging is the best course to select. 

Do we need to renew the license? 

Yes, every license has an expiry date. Hence, you have to renew the license so you can work well in your occupied occupation. A person who belongs to an intermediate rigging course or scaffolding course is given a license. It is proof that they are verified, workers. 

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