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Why should you have a blood pressure monitor at home? 

Why should you have a blood pressure monitor at home? 

Normal blood pressure is essential for living a healthy life as it is the force that helps move the blood through our circulatory system. This process allows the tissues and organs to get the oxygen and nutrients that they need to survive. It also helps in delivering antibodies and white blood cells that boost the immunity of our organs which help them fight off disease and infections. It is also equally important that fresh blood flows through our system so that waste products such as toxins are able to reach the kidneys and liver to be flushed out of our bodies. With our every heartbeat blood is pumped through our veins and onto the cells. High blood pressure can be dangerous as it puts strain on the arteries and heart and eventually causes them to become weaker with can lead to heart diseases in the future. On the other hand, low blood pressure is also dangerous as it means that not enough oxygen is reaching our organs and can cause people to become faint and weak. A sphygmomanometer is a device that is used to measure blood pressure and consists of an inflatable armband that is inflated by hand or by the machine pump. When the cuff is inflated to the point that the pulse is stopped then a reading is taken either electronically or using an analogue dial using a stethoscope.  

If your blood pressure is prone to being too high or too low then your doctor may want you to measure it at home using an Omron blood pressure monitor which is one of the best devices available on the market. By regularly monitoring your pressure you will be able to know if the medicine prescribed and the lifestyle changes that have been advised by your doctor to regulate your blood pressure are working or not. You can create your own record of what may cause the blood pressure to rise and when it stabilises. You can also see the changes when you visit the doctor as opposed to when you are at home as you may get anxious while going to the clinic.  Your blood pressure can change every hour; when you are watching a scary movie or even by eating certain foods. You should measure it throughout the day as in the mornings a person is usually well rested by as the day goes on different things can happen to change that situation. Similarly, a person may feel rested after a relaxing weekend but may feel stressed by the end of the week which may cause the readings to be different when you measure them with your Omron blood pressure monitor. You can also send the results to your doctor if you feel that they are a bit different that your usual readings and he can then advise you on what to do. Using a home blood pressure monitor can improve the patient’s knowledge of their own condition and how they can control it which also increases their confidence in being able to manage themselves. 

There are two types of blood pressure monitors: manual monitors have a bulb that allows you to inflate the cuff and then read the gauge to find your blood pressure. Digital monitors such as the Omron blood pressure monitor allow you to inflate the cuff or the machine inflates it for you and then gives you a reading. If you decide to start measuring your blood pressure at home then you should ask your doctor first to guide you or they may give you a monitor themselves. It is important to buy a monitor that has a cuff for the upper arm and not your wrist as it will give you a more accurate result. Also make sure that the cuff is of the right size and snugly fits your upper arm. It is also important to get it serviced after two years so that it is calibrated for accuracy. A reading below 140/90 is normal but if you have heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease then it should be less than 130/80. 

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