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Your Guide To Choosing A Right Fragrance! 

Your Guide To Choosing A Right Fragrance! 

I haven’t ever met someone who said that he or she doesn’t like to wear fragrances. Colognes and perfumes are a shortcut to increase the freshness, liveliness and obviously the mood of the evening. As much as they are energising, going through the process of choosing the right scent is tiring. There are hundreds and thousands of perfumes out there, all belonging to brands that have already won you over completely. But, is really a difficult choice to get out of your comfort zone and choose a new scent. While you are at it, we know how hard it will become for you to shortlist out of multiple that are winning you over. Don’t worry, there are multiple easy ways through which you can choose a scent that will match your personality and style and would never want to go back to any other scents. 

Choosing A Scent: 

Most of us don’t know that the colognes and perfumes consist of different notes, which determine the actual scent of the fragrance you intend to wear. It might be a little difficult to understand, but these notes combine to form three different layers. These layers are generally called base, top and middle notes. When these notes are combined, they form a unique set. So, a scent that is considered floral will have three different notes of flowers in it. On the other hand, a fruity scent will have the different tones of citrus or fruits combines. The perfumes that are on a little spicy and harsher side with a strong scent have the undertones of cinnamon. The entire purpose of explaining this to you is that you must know what base note you are a fan of. Let’s say, you can’t afford a high-quality scent and are buying cheap perfume online, narrow down the options by selecting if flower or fruit is your IT thing. It is a good idea to find out your preference, so you don’t end up wasting money on a scent that just doesn’t suit your style. While it might be a little harder for you to venture into the technicalities but taking note of the different notes will help you understand what kind of a personality you have. 

Choosing A Concentration: 

It all comes down to this one! It is a widely known knowledge that men perfumes are heavier and stronger in scent when compared to the female ones. This is why, all those ladies who want to turn heads and are quite finicky about what scent they wear, end up choosing male scents. Well, who wouldn’t want to apply a perfume once and spread fragrances the entire day? Generally, those perfumes that have higher concentration last longer and have a valid affect. You must know that they can be a bit pricey, but that price would be worth it, because you would have to apply a lesser quantity. Do you want to help us out here with an easy selection? We know you want! Whenever you go to buy a perfume or are shopping on online shops with afterpay, check if what you are opting for is perfume or parfum. This one is the highest level of concentration and will usually last a day, if applied around pulse points or the wrist. After this, comes the eau de toilette, which is considerably cheap and has mild concentration. You will have to apply it nearly twice, if you want to remain scented throughout the day. In the last, we have eau de cologne, which are the mildest. They only last around an hour or two and are the cheapest among all. If you know your scent and the concentration you want, the choice is almost done. 

Testing The Fragrance: 

The last thing is to make a final decision before you go ahead with the purchase. For that, you need to take testers and try out different scents to conclude, which is the ONE for you. You can also do a sniff test, if the range in front of you is quite diverse. Spray a small amount on your wrist, let it evaporate a little and then smell. Needless to say, whichever intrigues you the most is going to the cart. If you are buying the perfume online for the first time, you can take the multiple fragrance test or research to find out if this scent is what you will like or not.

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